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An Easy Way To Perform Transactions

Avoiding Stress 101: An Easy Way To Perform Transactions Leave a comment

An Easy Way To Perform Transactions Without a doubt, digital disruption is more than just a change in lifestyle; it is a shift toward a more convenient and hassle-free manner of doing daily transactions.

Furthermore, bill payments should be the simplest and most easy thing to perform. This is why the modern guy prefers KongaPay – the simple and dependable way to do transactions.


Bizyjoe Store provides a variety of services, some of which are listed below:


1. Transfers of funds

This is a basic daily activity, and there is no greater pleasure than being able to transfer dollars with such easily. Users benefit from KongaPay’s seamless and convenient fund transfers. You can also avoid excessive bank transfer fees by using KongaPay, which charges as little as N10.


2. Put Money in Your Wallet

This function allows you to save your credit card information for quick payments whenever you need to top up your wallet. The system saves your information with complete privacy, allowing you to save more than one card detail. You may do away with your card and transact on the fly with this.


3. Subscription to Cable TV

Bizyjoe Store allows you to live in the now and keep yourself entertained. You may effortlessly subscribe to cable TV through the app or website.


4. Airtime/Data

Purchasing airtime has never been easier. You will also receive incredible discounts/bonuses on airtime and data subscriptions to any network.


5. Electricity

Always keep the lights on. We make it possible for you to purchase electricity units at any time, from any location, on any day.


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